Our Team

  • Martin Gowdie


    Martin Gowdie

    Bachelor of Clinical Science
    Masters in Health Science

    Marty has been with Procare for 8 of its’ 12 years in existence.

    He combines loads of experience and skill with a genuine intent to help.

    Marty also enjoys helping the osteo students through part time lecturing at the university for the past few years.

    With a growing family, Marty is not flush on spare time. But when he has any he loves tending to this beehive or going for a surf.

    Marty is continually altering his hair and beard which seems to always create lots of discussion. Keep this in mind if looking for an ‘ice breaker’ with him.

  • Stephanie Cations


    Stephanie Cations

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)
    Masters in Osteopathy

    **Steph is currently on maternity leave and will be back at Procare in 2019**

    Steph is a great all rounder. She enjoys the variety involved in treating and helping clients with all types of back and neck pain.

    Steph started with us in 2012 and with her enthusiasm to learn, it has been a pleasure to watch her develop into the quality professional she is today.

    Steph currently plays netball for Inverleigh (and is captain no less), so she is more than comfortable treating athletes and sports injuries.

    She has also been active in the community over the past 2 years, mentoring high school students at Northern Bay College in Corio through The Smith Family. In what can be a challenging role, she has been outstanding at always looking for ways to positively influence these students.

    Steph’s honest and laid back country girl style, combined with her clinical results, has led to her becoming a very popular practitioner at Procare Geelong.

    She is also very patient, which is demonstrated by her support of the Richmond Football Club.

  • Grant Burrows


    Grant Burrows

    Bachelor of Clinical Science
    Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy)
    Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute)
    Osteopath and Movement Consultant

    Grant graduated from Victoria University as an Osteopath in 2000.

    Since then Grant has had a variety of experience in private practice in Melbourne, Brisbane, London and now Geelong.

    Grant has a special interest in movement and the role it plays in resolving episodes of pain and improving the quality of what people are able to do.

    His role at Procare Geelong is therefore predominantly in the purpose built Movement Pod.

    Grant builds flexibility, stability and strength in people who have failed with traditional treatment styles and / or are motivated by a particular sporting or activity goal.

    More information about Grant’s unique approach to chronic back pain at http://promotiongeelong.com/.

    Grant is married to Jo and has three young children, Finn Eden and Jude.

    Outside of Procare and family, Grant loves his sport and did have a fledging media career. He was recently sacked as Simonds Stadium field host for Geelong AFL games, due to too many of his jokes falling flat.

    He continues to work on his material.


  • Joanne Burrows

    Osteopath (Infants and Children)

    Joanne Burrows

    Bachelor of Clinical Science
    Masters in Heath Science
    Osteopath treating infants and children

    The best way to establish Jo’s reputation treating infants and children in this region is to walk past a mothers group having a coffee catch up and drop her name.

    Jo has devoted many hours of postgraduate study to the understanding of babies and children, and the role that Osteopathy can play in helping them to grow into healthy human beings. In that time, she has also managed to have 3 beautiful children of her own, who ensure that her learning is never complete!

    The style of Osteopathic treatment Jo uses in paediatrics (Biodynamic Osteopathy) is aimed at addressing some of the musculoskeletal effects that the birth process or other early life stresses can have on the developing systems of infants and children. Parents enjoy watching their child visibly relax under Jo’s gentle hands and Jo finds her work in this field extremely rewarding.

  • Shanti Arwen


    Shanti Arwen


    Shanti has been working in healthcare for 26 years.

    Originally a nurse, for the past 10 years Shanti has been practicing as a massage therapist / myotherapist and getting great results with all sorts of muscular pain, stress and tension.

    Have you found it harder over the years to find people who are willing and able to get deep into your muscles, whilst allowing you to unravel from your busy lives? If so, look no further, cos Shanti is a good fit for you!

  • Matthew Jakovljevic


    Matthew Jakovljevic

    Bachelor of Clinical Science
    Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy)
    Osteopath and Movement Consultant

    Matt’s interest in the human body and osteopathy began as an adolescent searching for the answers to his own back pain. He understands what it is like to be in ongoing pain and what it takes to overcome it.

    Matt has strong hands on skills combined with a streak of nerdiness – in his final year of university in 2013, Matt’s outstanding performance was recognised by receiving the esteemed COCA (Chiropractic Osteopathic College of Australasia) award for the top graduating student.

    Prior to joining Procare, Matt gathered 4 years clinical experience in private practice in Melton and Bacchus Marsh.
    Matt is into hiking, bodyboarding and photography.

    And once ate his lunch at work with chopsticks even though no one was watching! #cultured

  • Jessie Danuser


    Jessie Danuser

    Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy
    Bachelor of Clinical Science
    Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy)

    At Procare we believe in finding great people with great hands and hiring them!

    As the newest member of our team, this ‘strategy’ certainly applied to Jessie!

    Though Jessie just graduated as an Osteopath in 2018, she has the huge advantage of having worked as a Myotherapist from 2004 in private practice.

    She brings loads of transferable skills blended with enthusiasm and modern training into her Osteopathic career.

  • Caroline Poulter


    Caroline Poulter


    Caroline joined Procare Geelong in 2012.

    She comes from a hairdressing background with some administrative work in real estate more recently.

    It should come as no surprise that the hairdresser/real estate combo means that Caz is not short of a word.

    And like any good hairdresser she has the incredible skill of getting people to want to tell her all their ‘goss’.

    Caroline left Procare Geelong briefly in 2014 as she was doing a renovation, and at times, she seemed to think she was on The Block.

    Thankfully she returned after the renovation was complete, as we really enjoy “Caz” being part of our team.

    Caroline is married with a school aged son and works with us on a part time basis.

  • Catherine Moore

    Practice Manager

    Catherine Moore

    Practice Manager

    Catherine joined Procare in 2015.

    Catherine comes with a wealth of medical administration and management experience.

    She is very efficient and organised. When ringing around her referees after interviewing Catherine, one told me “she ll organise your life if you want her to”. That had and still has great appeal.

    Catherine drives from Colac to work with us 4 days a week. We are still unsure why she does this, but we are very pleased that she does.

    Catherine has been heavily involved in netball at club level and with the umpires association.

    We hope Catherine will continue to get in her chariot from Colac for some time yet as she adds another dimension to the Procare Team.