Important update: We are open with extra precautions. Click here to find out more.


Important update: We are open with extra precautions

April 28, 2020

We are committed to helping the Geelong community. In this extremely difficult time, the team at Procare Geelong are still available for osteopathic and myotherapy treatment in a reduced capacity. This is an ongoing decision made by the entire team and is being revised following Department of Health Guidelines. The decision to stay open was made on the provision that strict restrictions and health standards are adhered to.

✅ Any patient with viral or respiratory symptoms will not be permitted in the building.

✅ Patients with pre-existing heart or lung conditions or immune compromised patients are asked to stay home.

✅ Extremely vigilant cleaning and sanitizing of all contact surfaces and objects.

✅ Social distancing is strictly adhered to.

✅ Practitioner availability has been drastically reduced ensuring that no patients will cross paths in the clinic.

✅ Staggered treatment times and extra time between treatments has been allocated to allow cleaning and sanitizing and to ensure that patients do not cross paths.

✅ All patients will wait in their cars. You will be greeted by your practitioner at the door and will be asked to wash your hands before proceeding to the treatment room.

✅ We will not be permitting cash, sorry.

✅ Staff committing to self-isolation outside the clinic and social distancing inside the clinic.

We are committed to the health of our beautiful community. Please stay home if you are unwell and we look forward to a time when we can help you without these strict measures. For now, we will take all precautions to ensure your safety.